Every year more and more companies are selling their products online in an attempt to cope with the different disadvantages of the traditional sales model. Some of the most significant drawbacks are the high cost of rent, the need or desire to cover a high percentage of territory with multiple shops, high cost on advertising to attract customers, facing different human resources problem, among others. In this era of internet communications, if a company does not have internet presence, mobile apps, Facebook page and so on, they literally do not exist, because even customers who are not buying directly on internet are surfing the web to search for the best price options, location, and even for rating or recommendations for products or services. Unfortunately, adding one company to the online market is not limited to developing a shopping website, exist other elements that one company need to deal with, such as how to build their credibility, how to attract more customers and have enough traffic through their website; to face all off then is necessary to have expertise and knowledge to create a brand.

If you do not have time, social networking, knowledge or even money to establish your internet business, Calgary Online Marketplace is your solution, we offer a platform to add your store and we will advertise your business locally. As a local platform, we want to promote real Calgary businesses to gain our customers’ trust.

Calgary Online Marketplace is the initiative of a group of Calgary community members, who desire that the population of our community increases, and the relationship between our residents strengthens by breaking down communication barriers, in order to help our people to settle smoothly,  have an important role in this community and help positively in the process of integration into the Canadian society. We offer the opportunity to generate income through the online business, this possibility will be for many entrepreneurs from different countries, as well as local citizens, an alternative to jump the obstacles they face in the traditional retail market. Currently, our members can sale their products and services in our online platform, opening their own stores. Once them add their business into our website they will start to advertise it online, every time that we promote our business we are promoting their business, without extra cost for them. Even a small business should look great, and can reach a wider market of customers without the challenge of opening several physical locations around the city. We also offer many other advantages, for example, in this multicultural city through our platform our subscribers can reach different ethnic groups without the barrier of language or culture, we offer a range of options in a neutral environment that can unify our community and help our members to reach today more new customers. We want to offer you a friendly, fun, and modern style of online community platform, because we understand the tastes and preferences of our potential customers.

Another advantage by being a local business shopping platform is the possibility for you to offer a free shipping or low cost shipping options to your customers, adding value to our customers online shopping experience, that will be an attractive reason that combined with quality products and services will motivate our customers to buy locally.

Calgary Online Marketplace has a place for you, we want to be the preferred place for Calgary businesses to meet their customers, take an action today, sign in and join us for the chance to change Calgary customer’s shopping experience.